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Here is where we can share programs, example code, techniques and applications. To share programs in this Library, just fill out the form below and attach the files of your choice. Unfortunately, since keyed files are composed of a file with no extension, you will have to zip keyed files such as CED files before attaching them.

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  • You may choose not to attach files. As an alternative, you may cut and paste short code snippets into the description box instead.
All of the code in this library is free for anyone to use. Signature system cannot support this code, and will not review it for correctness or completeness. If you see a piece of software here that may be useful to you, feel free to download it, try it, and modify it if you desire. If you have some program or software that you would like to share, please leave it here. This is a great way for everyone to share what they know.

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