MoveFile-Copy File Enter Utility

By   Jon Sacks  on June 16, 2008 : Uploaded files: 1

I created a utility that can be used by any program as an enter program to move a file to a specified Alias on the client machine. This code will handle local users and Comet Anywhere Clients. The program simply asks you to pupulate the system buffer with:

Source File Name,[DIR],Destination File Name,Alias,EraseFlag,LauchFlag

The enter program will then move the specified source file to the destination file name on the specified Alias then erase the source file if you set the flag to Y and launch the file if you set the flag to Y.

This was build around the new ENTER command in the report generator. It sends it's prompts to the screen and requires no intervention by the user.

The thinking was that you would hard code a destination such as Local in you application program or report and the user would specify via the Comet Client where they want local to point to, it could be my documents, my comet files, etc.

Feel free to modify the source.

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