Txtedit -- a program to allow editing of Comet Text files

By   Jim Guerber  on January 16, 2008 : Uploaded files: 1

This program allows Comet text files to be edited either when the user does not have access to the file from
the MS file system, or when the user is located in a CometAnywhere environment.

This program copies the file to the user's $(catemp) directory which is assumed to be in the clear as far as
the MS file system is concerned. It then "launches" the file for editing which will bring up whichever program
is associated with a text file on the user's system. Once the file (and application) is closed, this program
copies the file back to its original location.

I made several design decisions here that could be modified given your particular needs.
1. The file is copied to a file with a ".txt" extension. Just because Comet thinks a file is of type text,
does not mean that the target system will honor that.

2. The file is launched with the action "edit" rather than "open". In almost all cases, this will bring up
Notepad for editing. Just change "edit" to "open" in the shell execute mnemonic.

This program supports 2 interfaces. It can be run in which case it will ask for a file and optional Comet
directory name separated with a comma, or it can be entered after the filename and dir string are written
to #buffer. for example:

enter 'Txtedit'

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