PRJ file builder for UltraEdit15 and 16

By   Grant Foraker  on April 05, 2010 : Uploaded files: 1

NEWPRJ - Update for UltraEdit 15 & 16 - developed to make PRJ files for mass compiles. It allows you to select IBS files by range and with a list of search fields. You can make multiple passes. The PRJ files are created in Comet as text files and have a 8 character name limit. I kept them in Comet so I could find them a little easier.

After ungrading my UltraEdit to version 16, I had to contact UltraEdit's Help Desk regarding their changes to PRJ files. I detemined that a new secion, [Project Information], has to be added to the PRJ file with certain settings

There are assumptions about my source and directory structure. If I have a customer called ABC Plumbing, their IBS, INC, OBJ and test files would be on a directory called "ABC" and the Blind Password would also be "ABC".

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