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By   Grant Foraker  on July 25, 2005 : Uploaded files: 1

Source for the utilities I developed to convert my CED source to UE source. There are many assumptions built into the source about the way my source files were named and located. TEST CAREFULLY.

1. FIND - front end of the collection of utilities I've developed over the years to get from *EDIT to CED, from Q to Comet.

2. FIND7 - makes an INC copy, on TMP, of your USE files. My USE files are prefixed with a "^". I decided to keep the prefix. The utility doesn't handle USE files with ENDUSE or nested USE files. I didn't have too many of those, so I cleaned them up before beginning the conversion.

3. FIND8 - finds USE files in my source, prefix "-", and replaces "USE" with "INCLUDE" and the use file name with the INC name. Since I kept the prefix, this amounted to just adding the ".INC" suffix.

At this point I suggest you do a mass compile, from CED, of all your source and fixed anything you might have missed.

4. FIND9 - copies all your CED source to IBS source. I decided to drop the the "-" prefix. Now I'm not so sure about that decision. Deletes the CED compile commands.

Now use Comet Project Manager (CPM) to build a project of all the source and do another mass compile. You should be golden at this point.

Atb this poiny you still have all your CED USE and source. I archived mine to CD's and deleted the old files from my development system. Burned that bridge behind me.

5. NEWPRJ - developed to make PRJ files because I found CPM too cumbersome. It allows you to select by range and with a list of search fields. You can make muliple passes. The PRJ files are Comet TXT files and have a 8 character name limit. I kept them in Comet so I could find them a little easier. I used Notepad to open several of the PRJ files created by CPM (Brian's suggestion) to determine the key settings. Again, there are assumptions about my source and directory structure. If I have a customer called ABC Plumbing, their IBS, INC, OBJ and test files would be on a directory called "ABC" and the Blind Password would also be "ABC".

Good Luck

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