Simple edit box Dialog

By   Jim Guerber  on July 30, 2010 : Uploaded files: 1

Ever wanted to ask the user one simple question and a dialog would be the best way to do it,
but it just was not worth the effort to make that work? Well, here is a simple enter program
that does just that. basically, you put into # buffer the maximum length you want to get back
from an edit control, and the prompt for the user, and just enter this program. When it comes
back, you have the answer in # buffer.

I put into it a few options.....

Normally, the dialog will present to the user an OK and Cancel button as well as the prompt,
but if you make the length negative, these buttons will not appear.
Also, if the prompt contains the word "password" (case insensitive), the edit box will be masked.

The full source is attached, but if you just want to use it, all you need is the test program
(test.ibs), the source of the enter program (jimsdlg.ibs), the dialog inc file (,
and the Dll, (JimsDLL.Dll) the DLL is not a file in the qdir, but it should be in the same
directory as the object.

Have fun.

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