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By   Jim Guerber  on January 27, 2005 : Uploaded files: 1

I know some of you are struggling with the setup and configuration of Ultra Edit.

We, at Signature Systems find Ultra Edit so helpful, we use it almost exclusively to view almost all non-Comet file types we deal with.

Since Ultra Edit is someone else's product, we could not safely initialize some configuration settings in the IBINSTALL Comet adaptation program.

The Ultra Edit configuration is stored in at least 3 locations.

1. The program itself
2. The Windows Registry (this is mainly for tool bars and menu items)
3. The UEdit32.ini file stored in the windows folder

For those of you who want to use Ultra Edit more extensively, I am attaching two files to this posting which represent MY personal tool bar, menu settings and general configuration. I will also post these files in the Code Library.

The first file is UE.REG. It is a registry file. If you launch this file, it will replace the Ultra Edit registry entries on your computer with mine.

The second file is UEdit32.ini. This file must be copied to your windows folder. This would be either c:\windows or c:\winnt in most cases. You should find a file called UEdit32.ini already there. This file replaces it.


I have not tested these configuration files except on my own computer. Make appropriate backups of the affected data if you wish or be prepared to reinstall Ultra Edit if something goes wrong. I have version 9.20+ of Ultra Edit, but I have been assured that these changes will also work for version 10.

You can backup the registry section by running regedit, selecting the key HKEY_CURREENT_USER\Software\IDM Computer Solutions, and using the registry/export registry file menu item. Obviously, you can backup the INI file by copying or renaming it.

By the way... My Ultra Edit is installed in C:\Program Files\UltraEdit. This is the default location. There are 20 references to this folder in UEdit32.ini. If your Ultra Edit is installed in some other location, please replace the references in the INI file before installing it.

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